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Starbase Bravo ran from October 1998 to October 2002 as a PBEM RPG part of Bravo Fleet. It was known to its players as simply SBB. However, there was never anything "simple" about SBB. The universe it created is one of the most diverse and rich I have since come across, thanks mostly to a host of devoted players providing it with in-depth characterization, long running subplots and loads of playing gusto!

They say - and it is true - that running a good RPG starbase is one of the hardest challenges. SBB was a text book case for doing it successfully. So why did it end? There is no mystery about such games - they happen because of a game master and the people they surround themselves with. After Commodore Cordi Xan left, SBB went down very quickly.

Bravo Fleet has since re-opened an RPG by this name. Apart from the name of the starbase and that of the planet it orbits, though, nothing of the original universe translated into the new sim. (This is the Bravo Fleet way, there is no implied comment either on BF or the quality of the current sim.)


The environment

Starbase Bravo was an Ournal class starbase situated in orbit of Raeya III. As a diplomatic hub, it hosted Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian ambassadors and ships that were actually featured on the website, crewed (in part) and played. It also hosted one of the most interesting gallery of shadowy characters and criminals to be seen playing around! Last but not least, it served as port of call for ships on shoreleave or just out of Avalon Shipyards and prepping for launch.


The simulation

The GM's who ran this RPG the longest were:

Posting would typically go from 100 to 250 posts a month, and there was no counting characters - particularly as owned NPC's were numerous and prominently featured. After a long and extremely busy run at times (does someone remember the summer we had several ships visiting?), the simulation started slowing down around Spring 2002 and stopped playing a first time in July. In October 2002, a small handful of players led by Lt Cdr Scott Harrison, acting CO, briefly tried to relaunch it. Recruitment and time-commitment problems got in the way, and the sim folded.

SBB as featured here is now part of a legend for its long standing players. On a personal note, Starbase Bravo was my very first game. It is also one of two where the RPG and its GM established for me the high standards of expectation I still have with any sim... and that are not easily met. Darn.


Starbase Bravo Archives


     Website: the Starbase Bravo experience

A bunch of thanks to D'Elon for allowing me to copy her whole website here! From "Ships" to "Merchants", visitors will find that this wild place branches out a lot. There are bios where you don't expect them and locations galore. Yet something is missing... the midi music files that brought a special feel to each page could not be added here. If you have some, or at the very least Jazz music - be sure to play them for a full experience! The transporter pad on the left will take you to Starbase Bravo =) Play nice... All credits and restrictions within still apply. Bios and original material belong to their creators.

About the website: You don't make them like that anymore. Too often, the glazed and picture perfect sims websites mimick a professional look while there's nothing in them that you haven't seen everywhere else. (Sorry, guys.) SBB is different, as full of colour and creativity as the sim was full of life. That is what it advertised, and a large part of why it got the players it had.

I did my best to test the pages with IE and Firefox, under Windows XP and Mac OS-X. Occasionally, a perfectly good link to a perfectly good image won't work for one platform. I can only do so much... But if you find something amiss - a dead link, a popup or an addy I missed - please don't hesitate contacting me =)

History: The original website at was lost in part at some point (bits of the material are allowed to hang online as support for advertisement). It was recreated by the same person at, where it can still be seen... and heard. However, popups just rain, and thanks to them I have to warn potential visitors to either that my archeological expedition there in June 2006 resulted in two Trojan virus alerts. This is why the two url's above are not active, but the bold of heart equipped with a popup blocker and a good anti virus and spyware will know where to look.


     Starbase Bravo: the email archive

Alas, SBB cannot be turned into an open archive for all to behold its missions. If you are one of the small dozen of players still subscribed, click here for a direct link to the Yahoogroups list.


     A word more (upcoming)

This space will feature a few words written by former players of Starbase Bravo


Thank you for visiting =)

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