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I started work on this site on June 10th, 2006. Obviously, I'm not finished =)

Memory Prime is a PBEM RPG archive for bios, posts, data created for roleplaying by email in the Star Trek universe.

The list of updates can be found on the Data page.

Contents will eventually include material on starships, starbases and colonies like the USS Liberty, Starbase Bravo, USS Avalon, USS Arizona, USS Saturn, USS Protostar, Carthage Colony. Some char bios are already listed, and a lot more will come as I complete the initial work and start expanding.

Thank you for visiting =)


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Starbase Tango, USS Arizona, USS Avalon, USS Liberty, USS Protostar, USS Saturn

Starbase Bravo

Carthage Colony

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This site is a labour of love, done with utmost respect for the people whose own work it means to preserve. It will be primarily enjoyed by former players of the simulations represented. If, however, someone objects to an item being featured here, please let me know and I will remove it. In some cases, I will reserve the right to mention what material was removed and for what reason. Fair is fair.
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