William Charles Paulsen
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Science Officer & acting CSO


Birth Date

24 July 2355



Place of Birth
Antilles, St Martin, Earth
Marital Status
- m [6' 3"]
- kg [180lbs]
Clear Blue

Caucasian, usually tanned.

Being outdoors, working on his tan with a good read and a bag of sweets, shopping with and for his female friends.
Being called anything like "Bill" or "Will" by friends and family. (He doesn't care about acquaintances.)
Strengths / Talents
Rather good at languages, for having been exposed to several while growing up in a touristic hub.
He's a pretty good hairdresser and likes picking clothes for himself or others.
Weakness / Limitations
He is mostly an easy going person. Yet when he has a grudge he can hold it for years.
Ambitions, quirks, interests & hobbies

To win the Science prize for the next Eden competition (in 9 years, or 19 if unlucky).

Can break into a bit of tap-dancing whenever he is in a good mood. He's often found munching on sweets.

Working on a holodeck program called "Eden V". (see Research).
Working with replicators on exotic recipes for sweets.
Reading novels from the early Federation era. The genre is complete trash by any literary standards. He also collect personal diaries from the time.

Special Abilities
Perfect pitch (runs in the family).

Family / Relationships
Relation Name Occupation Race Location Status
Father Charles Interior Decorator Human - -
Mother Marina Hair Stylist Human - -

Pre Starfleet History / Background / Education

William Paulsen was born on a small Caribbean island. His childhood was mostly free of concerns, although his parents separated three times.
William was a bright child and it was enough for all. As a result, he learnt to take life like a joke and live according to his whims.
His attraction for any form of life was always a bit of mystery to his parents. They had to live with a number of experiments and "pets" of his. One of
the longest experiments involved building a platform up a tree at the far end of the garden and living there for two weeks, at age 12. He built a raft to
cross over to another island at age 18.

At age 21, he was bored with his studies, skimming through text books and taking little note of his teachers. He took part in an unauthorized science project led on Pluto. The goal was to settle in an old exploratory module. This was to beat a record for the longest survival drill in a hostile environment. The projected three weeks turned into four and almost ended tragically. The students were rescued by a Starfleet patrol.
Commodore Nathan Cordy admonished them personally for 3 hours. Paulsen stayed behind and obtained the authorization to join the Academy two months late. This was under the condition he would spend all vacations serving under Commodore Corday until he graduated.
Paulsen became a different person. He found at the Academy that he was no longer the brightest kid around. Nathan Cordy hammered the
recklessness out of him. He rejected any hero worship. Paulsen was one of many he had mentored, he never let a father and son feeling develop.

On graduation day, Paulsen learnt his mentor was retiring to a colony. Cordy sent him this message. "You are unfortunately human and mortal.
When you are gone, nothing will remain. You can live your life like a butterfly, flying around in a pretty fashion. Or you can strive to become one of
note. If you can save a single life. If you can make it a better one, your existence will be justified. Some have served to save billions. THIS is the goal to strive for. Not to be remembered. For in a million years, none of us will. But to help pave the way. So there is someone to take up the task after you.
We may not know where it all started. We may not know yet where it ends. All that is ours is the choice of the path in between. Fare well."


Life Sciences 4 years

Starfleet Service History
1 year
Starfleet Academy, Basic Training
3 years
Starfleet Academy, Science Corp training[Majoring in Science, Minoring in Holo-programming]
1 year
Starfleet Academy, Cadet Cruise
Promoted to Ensign
Assigned as ACSO, Starbase 701
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assigned Asst. Chief Science Officer, USS Saturn. Made acting CSO upon arrival.
Reassigned Science Officer-science projects, USS Saturn

Personal file notes

Medical Report

Paulsen is fit and well trained. Family records predict that he will probably need corrective eye surgery in his mid-thirties. The high metabolism is
compensated by regular consumption of sugar. This also serves as stimulus for the hypocampus over long periods of work.

Paulsen is well aware that sugar ingestion should decrease in the hours preceding sleep. Any sleep related problems should be investigated before
medicined. Most times, a good work out will be preferable to a prescription.

Psychology Report

Paulsen won't admit he was neglected as a child. Commodore Cordy was his mentor for four years. The tutoring did a lot for Paulsen. But the deepest
issues remain to be explored. I had never seen a cadet that looks everyday just out of the hairdresser. The extreme care he takes over his appearance
and body are obsessive tendencies. This is the need of a child to show off and attract attention. But we have come a long way from the near-suicidal
attempts of his youth. Negative impulses have been curbed to a large extent. A node of anger remains. So far well under control, with only one
disciplinarian issue of note.

Starfleet History

Science Thesis and Research

In his second year at the Academy Paulsen joined a team working on the Eden project. This is Team V on the Eden project, called by themselves Eden
V for short. There are six members in all, covering the Engineering, Medical and Scientific aspects of the research. All of them took courses in
holo-based research and program designing.

The Eden project is a competition held every decade. It is founded by the Demerius Institute. The project itself aims at designing traveling habitats
large enough to host whole populations. Therefore, these need to be entirely self sufficient. Several prizes cover the various disciplines needed for a
fully integrated design.

The longest running simulation achieved 17 years. Eden V reached a theoretical 11 years so far. Although it is a good result (placing them in the 5th
position), each added year is harder to achieve. Hopes to be in a winning position in 9 years are slim.

Paulsen's thesis explored an aspect of so called "self remodelling environments". It derived for a large part from his work on the Eden V simulation.

Note: Live experimentation on so-called "self remodelling environments" is strictly forbidden per regulations established after the Genesis incident.
This applies to all experiments not approved by the appointed Federation Bureau.