Nin Yen Ke

Nin Yen Ke Name: Nin Yen Ke
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Ship: USS Protostar
Position: Chief of Operations
Species: Sheem, humanoid
P.O.B.: Sheem
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 1m77
Weight: 77 kg
Skin: Caramel tan with reddish undertones.
Eyes: Large bronze green irises, dark grey and oval pupils.
Hair: Dark copper, almost a quarter of an inch thick each and moving with a life of their own (much like a Gorgona's). Held back by a bandana. It can't be cut at all and can't be tied without severe headaches - but can be coated in place for convenience a few hours at a time. Shoulder length.
Miscellaneous: Grey nails, very short horns mostly hidden by her hair. Good nocturnal eyesight. Oviparian.
Marital status: Single

General Profile

Nin Yen Ke's particular set of differences from the basic human pattern is noticeable but harmonious. Healthy figure, a mix of athletic qualities and buxom attractiveness. Her ears are slightly bigger than the human model but thin and very close to her skull. No body hair except for her skull (eyebrows made of minuscule scales, also bordering eyelids). A light pattern of scales goes from her neck down her back. The eyes are almond-shaped, the tip of the nose is rather flat. She has pianist hands, strong and expressive with long sensitive fingers, grey nails. With her contralto voice comes a deep laugh, performed with head thrown back. This and the Sheem "smile of death" are the only circumstances in which a Sheem should show their teeth (canines slightly longer, sharp incisors).

Body language and decoration: Very important on Sheem. Toe wriggling is one of the most meaningful traits. In a uniform (and boots), she compensates by drawing little circles with her fingers.

Sheems are somewhat hedonistic and fastidious about body care. Body painting and tattoos, unless executed by a renown artist, are second best to skin-embedded jewelry and decoration. As a concession to Starfleet regulations, Nin's only visible jewelry is a set of small stones encrusted in her skull (following the line of her ears) but mostly hidden by her bandana. The right side is for cast and family of origin, the left side for personal beliefs, history and marital status.

Homeworld: Sheems used to live below the surface of the ground. They eventually turned to the exploitation and colonization of the inhospitable surface very much like other worlds start exploring neighbouring moons, by building environmental domes that came to shelter cities and cultural infrastructures. Consequently, most of the problems linked with space exploration were already known and solved by the time they set to travel beyond their own planet. There is a saying going in the Federation about worlds "only a Sheem would claim for a home". Sheems are less interested by economic or political expansion than by the challenge of conquering nature's best defended abodes in the skies. Extremists among them prone giving up planetary settlements altogether in favor of artificial worlds.

As a result of their evolution Sheems have agoraphobic traits fed by a number of legends and tales about the dangers lurking at the surface of worlds. Living mostly in domes or, even when underground, in environmental combos, they generally dislike contact with nature. Everything said "natural" (food, cloth fiber, etc.) therefore ranks pretty low on the Sheem market and only someone with a low cultural level and/or cheap tastes would buy and use them. A strong system of casts endured until very late in their history, as did death penalty. As for cannibalism, ever-present in their early civilizations, it subsided into ritualistic cannibalism and was still occasionally performed when Sheem applied for Federation membership. This, as well as discrimination based on birth cast and inequitable treatment for married males, was the subject of endless and heated debates among Sheems as their Government strove to compromise with Federation guidelines and requirements.

Personal History

The solving of the last problems linked to Federation membership was achieved by means of special opportunity programs led under the tutelage of Federation instances. Born from the mid-lower casts, Nin Yen Ke benefited by them. She was 14 when the New Laws were passed, allowing her a wealth of career choices but at the same time depriving her of an arranged union shortly before the ceremony. The New Laws also proscribed death penalty (only remaining circumstance in which cannibalism was still authorized).

Nin Yen Ke's reaction to "Federation Rule" (a name given in derision to the New Laws) was bitter at first. She found herself bereft of the well-planned future her family had worked for over the years while facing rampant prejudices. The eldest of four, in charge of upholding the family status, she chose to use the advantages provided in the bargain and joined the Sheem Fleet. There she studied for 5 years in order to one day achieve the status of Builder (environment chief engineer).

Her exam project was disregarded in favor of a mid-high cast's one. After suing the Fleet before the Federation court, Nin Yen Ke obtained compensation from her homeworld and was offered a much sought for program preparing for Starfleet Academy, where she entered at 21. A few years later, she was the first Sheem to graduate from Starfleet Academy and went on to serve with Starfleet Corps of Engineers. From a rather humdrum first posting, her sense of initiative and personality had her quickly promoted and participating and/or leading a large range of missions, slowly switching from Engineering to Operations.

At 27, Nin realized her career was opening into whole new directions and took more courses to accelerate promotions. Her record has been flawless... Mostly.


To make it to Admiral and Commanding Officer of a starbase with non humanoid environment.
Personal Goals

To obtain a Class One dwelling in the extravagant Fire Dome on Zener (first Sheem colony) where she could later retire with her husbands (at least two, but no more than four), children and grand children. By default, enough means to conceive and build her own colony dome on Ananu III. (Even better than all would be to supervise the designing of the next generation of starbases, and command one of them - with an Admiral rank).


Personality: Where work and duty are concerned she is a no-nonsense type of leader.In spite of her career and hard work, her mid-low cast status is still deeply ingrained in her mind. As a result, each task is a challenge to prove herself - to herself. It is the source of a high amount of stress and pressure, well covered by her demeanor.
Off duty, she dresses in loose-fitting, flowing clothes. Her personal form of meditation is tending to a Sheem garden (one of the paradoxes of her civilization).


Hobbies: self care and sports, cultural events, nights out, sports, finger painting, cocooning, shopping, self care, piloting, sports and self care.