Personal Data


RACE Vulcan
AGE 36 Terran Years
P.O.B. Ranan, Gol
POSITION Musician Apprentice
HEIGHT 1m78 (between 5'9" and 6'0")
WEIGHT 62 kgs (roughly 124 lbs)
HAIR Black and short
EYE COLOUR Black, wide
FAMILY Family: T'Pan (mother, Archaeologist), Sadek (father, Historian), Great Aunt T'Ien (Healer), Great Uncle Sumok (Art theoretician), three older siblings (two brothers and a sister)

General Appearance

Like the average Vulcan, T'pree is tall and slender with a strong musculature fitting a medium frame. Unlike most Vulcans, she does have a (short) haircut to speak of, one she adopted in prevision of Deridous's high-humidity environment. Her face is reminiscent of the cold and remote beauty of some ancient statues on her homeworld, and she moves with seemingly hieratic grace - that is really second nature for a Healer and former ambassy personnel, two situations in which one needs to make a strong first impression.



Over the average and fully trained telepath (in the sense Vulcans are), adaptable, well-travelled enough to be able to blend better than the Vulcan imagery has it.


Everything she doesn't know is a weakness! She's a compulsive perfectionist who hasn't taken a day off from working or studying in years. She doesn't relate well with others on a personal or intimate level.

Personal History

T'Pree went from being a Healer to working undercover for Vulcan Intelligence. Her specialization is intelligence retrieval, informant extractions and the occasional interrogation. She's a gifted touch telepath whose ultimate goal is to join the Kolinahr. Her official profile on Deridous IV is that of a failed Healer who gave up after a painful experience, a semi outcast from her high-standing family seeking to start a new life as apprentice to musician Sarat.


T'Pree was raised by a Healer and trained from a young age to become one. Although an excellent telepath and bright student, several incidents occuring from age 7 to 20 proved that her mind was too unruly for the strict mental discipline of the Kolinahr.

Healing seemed a more natural path to exploit her keen mental abilities. Over time, she grew less interested in physiological matters than in psychology, particularly the rare cases of criminal offences. She went to work for several years for Vulcan justice, first as a Healer dedicated to help criminals regain control over their thoughts and action, then as Assistant criminal interrogator.

It turned out to be the wrong choice. Although technically among the best, her own shortcomings carried over since early childhood got in the way. After a sabbatical year devoted to meditation, she decided to broaden her horizons and sought a position with the family of Ambassador Sarok. For several years, she was the family physician while they travelled around the Federation.

She was travelling back home for the first time in a decade when the ship carrying herself and her patient, Ambassador Sumak, came under attack by Orion pirates. She escaped with the dying Ambassador and later on tried retrieving his Katra. The attempt and subsequent failure resulted for her in psychic trauma that led to one year of healing and recovery. She has abandoned her career as physician and healer, but she would perform basic medical acts if the need arose.

The incident has brought dishonour on herself and her family, on top of several instances when she refused traditional bonding with Vulcan males of good standing and reputation. The only reasonable solution for her at this time is to actively seek a new life for herself. At thirty-six, T'Pree is barely reaching into the first stage of maturity by Vulcan standards. Her decision to integrate a colony, develop her lesser talents and apprentice herself to Surak is therefore nothing surprising or illogical.


T'Pree was born to an Archaeologist (T'Pan) and a Historian (Sadek) in one of the most ancient Houses still represented on Vulcan, linking back to the times of Surak's rise and demise. With a lineage including both ancient cults's leaders and a long tradition of Kolinahr priests, T'Pree came into the world as a serious-minded, tradition-abiding child more interested in studying than in socializing.

Her one notable emotional outburst occured at the age of 7 when she broke free during Kan-Telan (child bonding). The feat marked her for Kolinahr in the eyes of many, but the violence of her reactions led to concern and dissent in the family circle. From 7 to 20, the child's education was put in the hands of her great aunt T'ien, Healer, whose husband Sumok was an Art theoretician and teacher.

Education and Career

[7-20] General Studies, Student Healer

Great Aunt T'ien entertained hopes T'pree would lend her telepathic talents to the Healing arts, while her husband Sumok pursued the House's age old tradition of educating her fully into Arts and Sciences. As a result, T'Pree had completed her normal studies by the age of 15 and concentrated for 5 years on achieving mastership in Healing techniques. Background studies included Biology, to which she added personal forays into Philosophy as part of her continuous preparation for the more distant goal of joining the Kolinahr.

[21-27] Healer, Justice Healer, Domestic Security Interrogator

She learnt to grow over a deep-rooted dislike for the intimacy of mind meld, all the more as she developed keen interest in the treatment of law offenders and learnt to master the same deep probing techniques she had previously fought. At 25 and several career moves later, she was beginning to make a name to herself in the circles of Vulcan justice when she was approached with an offer for a whole new career path. Starting with added training, she enroled in Security forces as Interrogator, and was soon called upon to work on cases far remote from domestic affairs.

[28-34] Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Services

At 28 and now transfered to Intelligence, T'Pree took a sabbatical year (really devoted to training). Then, with a cover as private physician to Ambassador Sarok and his family, she started assisting with intelligence gathering and assessing informants and their reports.

Her rare vacations were cover-ups for added training in piloting and tacticals, in preparation for a growing number of sensitive missions (extraction of informants, backup protection for diplomatic liaisons) occuring during and after the Dominion war.

[34-35] The Borg - the Phantom Katra - The Romulan Way

Most recently, she became part of a so far undisclosed attempt by the Vulcan government to establish diplomatic contact with the Borg. The whole endeavour came to a gruesome end as the Borg took over, T'Pree escaping the ship with Ambassador Sumak minutes before it self destroyed.

While waiting for their rescuers, she sustained the dying Sumak to the limit of her strength. When the time came to transfer his katra, she was unable to quell the raw violence of his final moments. She had to kill him to survive herself and spent several months fighting down a syndrom known as "phantom katra", also called in ancient texts "dark katra".

To this day, she still experiences vivid recollections of Sumak's life, and will occasionally feel his presence. Although the effect is but an echo of the real thing, the Kolinahr priestesses suspect that Sumak possessed forbidden knowledge out of Vulcan's Dark Age cults. Other reports seem to confirm the existence of a revivalist movement crossing over from Rihannsu to Gol, in ironical counterpoint to the Reunification movement initiated by Ambassador Spock.

T'Pree now has a mission that even Vulcan Intelligence doesn't know about: to screen every Rihannsu refugee for information on this movement and learn enough from Sarat to prepare her own possible infiltration into Rihannsu territory, where she will seek the age old evil and destroy it at the root. This last duty befell her as she was seeking admission as Kolinahr student on Mount Seleya at the end of a self-imposed waiting period of two decades. T'Pree is the first agent in this century to be used by Mount Seleya, whose incursions into mundane matters are far and few. Although she knows that she is not expected to come back in any shape to qualify as a Priestess, T'Pree considers herself honoured by the choice and fully intends not to have this ultimate mission turn into the ultimate sacrifice of her life, mind and soul.