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Please note: since I'm going to host old pages and manifests, I'm leaving this page as is for now and concentrating on "sims" for better organization.



Elaine Bolland Bolland, Elaine (Entrepreneur, Deridous IV)

Bray'lok Bray'lok (Starbase Tango, Deridous IV, Carthage Colony Administrator, Cmdre, ret.)

Carrie French French, Caroline (Student, Deridous IV)

Leona King King, Leona (K.I.T shop owner, SB 74, Carthage Colony)

Kestarah K'mara Stonefell, Tobias (Carthage Colony)

Kyle Storm Storm, Kyle (Equipment manager, Carthage Colony)

Sam Wyatt Wyatt, Sam (Medical Head, Carthage Colony)

And more... be sure to check the "Intelligence" section ;)


Paula Chapman Chapman, Paula (USS Swiftsure XO)

Rome Podhigar Podhigar, Romanelle (USS Liberty CO)



Hans Dreyer Dreyer, Hans (USS Liberty, owned NPC)



Sarat Sarat (Operative / Civilian musician, Deridous IV)

T'Pree (Operative / Civilian musician apprentice, Deridous IV))





Martin Paulsen Paulsen, Martin (USS Swifsure)

Vishakha Ramesh Ramesh, Vishakha (USS Liberty, Starbase Tango)



Andril Bretanna Bretanna, Andril (USS Protostar, USS Pegasus, Carthage Colony)

Nin Yen Ke Nin Yen Ke (USS Protostar)



Trudy Bell Bell, Trudy (USS Liberty, owned NPC)

William Paulsen Paulsen, William (USS Saturn)


Security, Tactical

Kestarah K'mara K'mara, Kestara (USS Protostar, Carthage Colony)

Tara King Tara King (Starbase Bravo, COS, lost bio)


Strategic Operations

Ursa Gluck Ursa Gluck (Carthage Colony, upcoming)




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