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Looking for a bio you lost several years ago? Trying to refresh your memories? Wondering if anything at all remains from that wonderful sim you once had?

The general purpose of the Memory Prime project is to compile an archive that fellow players can look up easily. C'mon, you know how you miss the good old days! But your hard drive crashed, the game went down, the bookmarks hit 404. It's all gone... maybe ;)

In the short term, this site will serve to make available online what material I have accumulated over my years of roleplaying (mainly PBEM RPG's). It goes from personal data (my bios, some posts, etc) to bits and ends regarding an array of sims I played on. Finally, there are links to similar resources maintained by like-minded people, pages remaining from old sims, open emailing lists...

Content and navigability are my priorities, design will be part of a later effort. No flashy displays, frames, or java applets that never work for all browsers. Be advised that secondary windows will open to display pages saved under their original appearance (part of the fun, right?) I'm not a pro - but if you come here looking for a blast from the past, I certainly hope you will find what you seek =)

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Starbase Tango, USS Arizona, USS Avalon, USS Liberty, USS Protostar, USS Saturn

Starbase Bravo

Carthage Colony

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This site is a labour of love, done with utmost respect for the people whose own work it means to preserve. It will be primarily enjoyed by former players of the simulations represented. If, however, someone objects to an item being featured here, please let me know and I will remove it. In some cases, I will reserve the right to mention what material was removed and for what reason. Fair is fair.
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